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Cholmondeley Castle, 17-20 Sept 2021, Cheshire

Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase 2021/Velio 2021/ “The Festival”/Veloi Limited (“the Promoter”)


Please read the below as your purchase of a ticket signifies your agreement to these terms which should be read in conjunction with Festicket.com booking terms. Both these and Festicket’s terms form part of your agreement with the Promoter. 

Purchase of this ticket and/or its presentation at the event signifies your agreement to the following terms and conditions set by the Promoter.

The Festival has a Flexi Policy and promise relating to social distancing. Please refer to website for further details.

Your ticket is valid for one person only. You are advised to check your ticket upon receipt. No tickets will be refunded or monies carried over until next year unless the Festival is completely cancelled. If some elements or part of the Festival is cancelled (e.g., 1 day out of a 3-day festival), the Promoter reserves the right to offer pro-rata refunds accordingly but is not obliged to. If the Festival is cancelled, the Promoter shall not be liable for any costs or expenses wasted or incurred by the ticket-holder including but not limited to: accommodation or transport costs, or any direct or indirect losses or damage of whatever kind. Tickets are for the Festival and not for one specific artist. The Promoter will use its reasonable endeavours to present the line-up as advertised, but the line-up of artists cannot be guaranteed. Should one or more artists cancel, the Festival will go ahead as normal. Refunds will not be given in these circumstances. Tickets are issued subject to a licence being granted by the local authority.  Should we have to cancel due to Covid19, all tickets will be automatically rolled over to 2022 and you’ll have your place guaranteed for the rescheduled event. If you do not wish to roll forward your ticket, you will have the option for a full refund of the face value of your ticket and any extras purchased.

Festival venue:
encompasses car parks, campsites, arenas and any other areas of the Festival grounds

Persons 12 & under and under 18: Parents and guardians are responsible for their children throughout the Festival. Please do not allow them to enter or climb on any areas that are out of bounds. Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 21 as defined below and over, on entering the Festival venue and at all times while attending the Festival. One adult aged 21 or over may accompany a maximum of five (5) persons under 18 to the Festival venue. Persons under 18 may not bring alcohol into or consume it anywhere at the festival venue; original photo-ID with proof of age will be required for persons claiming to be 12 & under, 18 & over and 21 & over. Right of admission reserved: the promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to or to eject ticket-holders from the Festival venue without a refund.

Aggressive or anti-social behaviour:
will be met with a zero-tolerance policy and immediate ejection.

Lost, stolen or incomplete tickets:
admission will not be allowed to persons without ticket and stub (joined) in the case of hard tickets, or to a person presenting a ticket that has already been scanned in the case of e-tickets, or to persons whose tickets have been lost or stolen; keep tickets safe – treat them like cash.

Lost or altered wristbands:
attendance without the relevant wristband issued by the event is not allowed and will result in ejection; wristbands that have been tampered with or removed will be declared invalid and lost wristbands will not be replaced.

Prohibited items:
Glass, dangerous objects, drones, flares, fire, smoke bombs, weapons, drugs, Chinese lanterns, fireworks, animals, illegal substances, nitrous oxide and legal highs: none of these are permitted at the festival venue and will be confiscated; use of fireworks, flares or Chinese lanterns will result in immediate ejection; animals will be impounded at owner’s expense; patrons’ clothing and bags will be searched at gates. Alcohol, opened soft drinks & water are not allowed to be taken into the arena from the campsites.

Alcohol: no alcohol may be brought into the arenas from campsites; searches will be in place.

Campsite curfew and vehicles:
There will be no re-entry to campsites from outside the festival or the car parks between 1200 midnight and 0800; no driving of vehicles will be permitted in the tented camp sites; no sleeping in vehicles in car parks is allowed

Campervan/Caravan tickets:
holders of these must also hold valid tickets to the event to be allowed entry to the arena. Tickets are valid for campervan or one car/caravan. A campervan must have fitted sleeping and fitted cooking or washing; no sleeping tents or trailer tents may be pitched in the Campervan/Caravan area.

no fires will be permitted in camp sites or car parks; use of BBQs and camping cookers will be permitted in designated areas.

Amplified music:
will not be permitted between 2300 and 0800 in camp sites.

you consent to appearance in film and sound recordings of the Event as a member of the audience or as a cyclist.  You grant your permission to Promoter to use or authorise others to use photographs, motion pictures, recordings, data or any other record of your participation in this Festival for any legitimate purpose without remuneration.


you use the Festival venue and attend the Festival at your own risk; the Promoter shall disclaim liability save for death or personal injury caused by the proven negligence of the Promoter.


You acknowledge that there is an element of risk of exposure to Covid-19 associated with any form of attendance at and participation in the Festival. The Promoter will take all reasonable steps to prevent exposure to Covid-19.  You confirm that you will comply with the Promoter’s health and Safety policies at all times and agree to everything in your power to prevent any breach of such policies. However, you confirm that you are aware of and accept the risk of exposure to Covid-19 at the Festival.


you are strongly recommended to take out comprehensive insurance for all cycling equipment including your bike and all other items including camping equipment that you bring to the festival venue. The Promoter has no liability for the same.

Cycling Event(s)/Additional Ticketing Requirements (the Ride(s))

If you intend to participate in any of the cycling Rides namely the 3km, 14km, 30km, 60km,100km Ride(s) you confirm that:

you understand that by purchasing a ticket (and for the avoidance of doubt if you are sixteen (16) years and above you will require an adult ticket) you agree you understand and confirm that you will be sixteen (16) years or over on the day of the Ride(s) or in the company of someone who is over the age of twenty-one (21) on that day (a Responsible Adult(s)). 

if you are fourteen years of age or above but under sixteen (16) years of age you can participate in all the Rides namely the 3km, 14km 30km, 60km and 100k Ride(s). 

if you are under the age of fourteen (14) you must be accompanied by a Responsible Adult(s) at all times and can participate in the 3km and 14km Ride(s).

you are fully aware of the actual and potential risks in your participation in the cycling event(s).  

you will not participate in the cycling event(s) unless you are medically fit on the day of the cycling event(s) and that, in any case, you participate at your own risk.

 you accept that Promoter, or any of its agents, will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses, which may arise in consequence of your participation in the cycling event(s) save for death or personal injury caused by the proven negligence of the Promoter.

Entrance for children under the age of five (5) is free and they must be accompanied by a Responsible Adult at all times on the 3km Ride or be carried on a Responsible Adults bike for the 14km Ride.



These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the English courts have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of dispute.

WARNING – Loud music can damage your hearing. Young children are particularly vulnerable to hearing damage so please consider bringing ear defenders for them.