| Velio – Velio
Cholmondeley Castle, 17-20 Sept 2021, Cheshire
What food and drink facilities will be available?

We take pride in the food and drink offerings available on site, providing some of the finest street food, long table banquets, dining experiences, bars and drink vendors to keep you well fed and looked after during your stay with us. From craft beers and cocktails to ice cream and smoothies, there’s something for everyone at this summer’s event. A full list of our food trader vendors will be published on our website soon.

Where can I get drinking water?

There are several standpipes that contain free, clean drinking water in the campsites and main arena. Please bring a container that you can refill during the weekend. Bottled water will also be available to purchase at the catering units and bars throughout the site. Please identify yourself with these points and ensure you stay hydrated across the weekend.

Can I bring my own alcohol to the festival?

Per person, you can bring the following into the campsite:

  • EITHER 16 x cans of beer or lager or cider (max 440ml)
  • OR 17 x premixed spirit cans (max 250ml)
  • OR 3-litre box of wine
  • OR 7 litres of cider/lager/beer in plastic bottles or cans

Due to licence conditions, no glass is allowed on-site and will be confiscated at the point of entry. Unopened plastic bottles are allowed, but if the seal is broken these will also be confiscated and discarded at the gates as we cannot allow unidentifiable substances onto the festival site. No re-entry with alcohol also applies.

Please note:

  • Searches will be undertaken upon entry to ensure this is complied with
  • Any alcohol above this allocation will be confiscated
  • This alcohol may only be consumed within the campsite
  • Sealed bottles of water and soft drinks are allowed, but will be checked on entry to the site. There will be no limit on soft drinks
  • No pass-outs or readmission will be permitted for the duration of the festival
  • A wide selection of beer, wine and cocktails will be available in the main arena across the weekend
Can I bring my own alcohol and food into the main arena?

No. You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol or food into the main arena at the festival, this is to only be consumed within the campsite. Bins will be provided at the gates to dispose of any items before entering the main arena.

Will there be vegetarian or vegan options available?

Yes. There will be vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available on site, but if you have any other very particular food requirements we do recommend you come prepared.

What time can I get breakfast in Velio?

A variety of breakfast options and times that they will be available will be announced soon.