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Cholmondeley Castle, 17-20 Sept 2021, Cheshire
Is Velio suitable for me if I have accessibility requirements?

Yes! Velio has comprehensive access facilities in place to welcome people with access needs. This includes free Personal Assistant tickets, a dedicated accessible campsite and extensive access facilities located throughout the site. 

If you have any specific access need you’d like to discuss or have any questions about our existing facilities, please do get in touch with the access team who can assist you further: access@velio.cc.

Is Velio family friendly?

Velio Festival welcomes people of all ages! The programme includes a well crafted Kids Programme which includes a variety of entertainment and activities.

In terms of cycling, our 3K family friendly closed road ride is perfect for the family to enjoy and everyone can cycle at the event and in any event of their choosing.  There are only a few exceptions (for example U14s will not be allowed onto the Sportive Routes) and some cut off times for the longer distances that will be published in due course.

The following rules apply to minors (under the age of 18):

No person under the age of 18 will be permitted entry without being accompanied by an adult. In this instance, an adult must be 21 or over to accompany a minor.

There must be no more than five minors to one adult.

Alcohol is only purchasable to those of or over the age of 18.

Access and D/Deaf Customers

Velio has a dedicated Access Team working all year round to constantly improve the experience for Access customers. Our team can be found at the festival itself and will be working in conjunction with Attitude is Everything in order to make the event as accessible as possible. 

There will be an Accessible camping area with accessible facilities specially selected based on its topography.

Access Customers can apply to stay in our Access Campsite containing additional Access facilities. By locating these facilities in one campsite we can ensure that they are serviced, cleaned and maintained regularly. The Access Campsite is located as close as to the Arena as possible, staffed 24 hours, and where our Access Team are based. 

Campsite Facilities Include:

  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets and showers
  • Standard toilets and showers
  • Drinking water points and accessible sink.
  • Waste-disposal point.
  • Electrical points for charging wheelchairs or mobility scooters.
  • Campsite hub and information (where our Access Team are based)

For more information on how to register for a place in our Access Campsite, please email access@velio.cc.

How do I apply for Disabled Access and Personal Assistant Ticket (PA)

We want Velio to be a Festival that is accessible for everyone. Please read through the following information to find out more about our onsite facilities and Disabled Access Scheme.

To ensure that we have the correct level of accessible facilities we ask customers to apply for access to our facilities – accessible toilets and showers, viewing platforms, car parking passes. This is done through the same application system as the Personal assistant application.

Customers who are unable to attend without the support of a Personal assistant (PA) are advised to purchase a standard event ticket, you will then need to apply for an additional PA ticket via our Disabled access scheme.

Applications for Disabled Access at Velio will be released soon. Please email access@velio.cc for more information and to register your interest. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is no charge for the additional Personal Assistant ticket.

Please do not buy a ticket for your Personal Assistant as this will NOT be refunded.

The provision of an additional pass for your Personal Assistant is so that you have someone on site who can provide you with any assistance you may require to enjoy the festival. The pass is provided in the expectation that your PA is willing and able to assist you with any tasks that are necessary.

It is mandatory to provide one of the following forms of supporting documentation with your completed form as evidence of your requirements and to grant a complimentary Personal Assistant ticket:

  •     DLA/PIP or equivalent
  •     Medical Professionals letter – reviewed case by case
  •     D/deaf or blind registration
  •     Nimbus Access Card
  •     Blue badge – only accepted as adequate evidence for Disabled parking

Details about the application process >> access@velio.cc

Disabled Entry/Parking/Camping

There is a dediacted accessible parking area for blue badge holders in the car park and also a designated accessible camping area. Please note that there is no assistance provided by Velio Festival on gaining entry to the site, and we ask that you bring someone to assist you if required. There is a strict no driving policy on the site once opened so using your vehicle to drop off equipment is unfortunately not an option.

Other Accessibility Information


Please note that our Access facilities are available for those with permanent access needs, however, there may be limited availability for those with temporary impairments such as broken bones, healing injuries or pregnant women. To speak to our team further, please email access@velio.cc.

Please be aware that there will be a lot of walking at Velio. Chairs are allowed into the festival.


Smoke machines, strobe lights, lasers, fireworks and other effects may be in use at this event. Anyone affected by these should bear this in mind.


If you need to bring medication with you, we recommend bringing a copy of your doctor’s letter or prescription. Please keep medication in its original boxes. There will also be a fridge available if you require cold storage for your medication.


Medical and Welfare Facilities are available 24 hours, open to everyone and can be located in the Arena and Campsites (clearly signposted). Doctors, paramedics, first aiders are based at all our medical facilities, along with contacts for local pharmacies and emergency dentists.


Security and Stewards are on hand in the Arena and in the Campsites.

They have been briefed to offer information, help and support. If you are unwell or require assistance, please approach a member of the Security and Stewarding Team who are clearly identifiable by their numbered tabards/shirts.

In the instance of a site evacuation please ensure that your PA is aware that they are your main point of assistance in an emergency evacuation. Security and stewards located near the viewing platform will assist in moving everybody to a place of safety.


Velio is an outdoor event held at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire featuring sloping grassy areas that are steep in sections. Some areas can be large with no solid pathways or hard ground.

It is important to be aware that during inclement weather some parts of the site may be muddy, water-logged or dusty, and may be difficult to navigate around.

Our Access Viewing Platform is uncovered so please dress appropriately, and for all weather conditions.

Yes! Everyone can cycle at the event and in any event of their choosing other than the following exceptions:
  • U14s will not be allowed onto the Sportive Routes and some cut off times for the longer distances that will be published in due course.
  • The 3k and 14k routes will be accessible to all, however, we ask that only those with access requirements who are in training or compete regularly take part in the  30k, 60k and 100k routes as these are reasonably advanced cycle routes.