Wellness Programme | Velio Festival | 17th-20th Sept 2021 – Velio
Cholmondeley Castle, 17-20 Sept 2021, Cheshire


Relax, rewind and recharge with our wellness programme at Velio Festival, in partnership with @getaheadlife 🧘‍♀️

Alongside a 3-day festival programme of fun rides and big parties, we promote a balanced lifestyle. Start your day right with @morninggloryville‘s dance experience, snuggle up with furry friends from @thecuddleclubuk or treat yourself to a relaxing massage after a long ride. Explore our meditation & yoga sessions which will offer all-important relaxation throughout the day. There will also be organised runs and guided walks taking place around Cholmondeley Castle’s beautiful grounds.

Our wellness programme takes place across Lady Cholmondeley’s picturesque gardens and the natural lake. Discover a place to fully unwind in between the festivities!